WORKSHOPS | August 15 & 16

We acknowledge that self-expression is a gift. To be able to utilize who you are and the world around you and give it meaning from where you see it, that requires a mighty spirit. The kind of spirit and energy that the kids in our communities need to know about.

At PAINT THE MIC, we ask that all artists lead a workshop for the youth in the field that they specialize in. Every workshop includes:

                        - Up to three professionals leading the work

                        - 90 - 120 minutes in length

Some examples of possible workshops are acting, spoken word performance, production design, business of art, directing, writing, and painting. 

In addition to workshops, on Friday, August 16, there will be an entertainment industry Q&A which will be open to the public.

MAIN EVENT | August 17

PAINT THE MIC is a charitable event designed to benefit select charitable organizations in the greater Los Angeles area.


It is an artistic initiative between visual and performing artists who are professionals in their craft. Poets and singer/songwriters are paired up with visual artists in a collaboration to interpret each other's work.  What's left? A night of inspiring performances and an impressive display of new works from established and rising visual artists.

This years event will feature an open bar & food buffet, live entertainment, and an afterparty. 

For more information about this year's charitable organization, please visit www.creatingcreators.net and see how they are impacting the community around us.

Paint The Mic presented by Tan Boys Productions. For inquiries contact info@paintthemic.org