The Connection Exhibit   

Presented by Tan Boys Productions

August 17th

Red Carpet: 6pm - 7pm

Performance: 7pm - 11pm

Afterparty: 11pm - 2am

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$60 in advance

$75 at door

Limited tickets available at door

Includes admission to event,

open bar, food, and afterparty.

3000 South Hill Street

Los Angeles, Ca. 90007


2018 PTM Overcome Exhibit

Paint The Mic was born from a need to take care of human expression. By giving poets and painters a platform to create original work, it has evolved to include various forms of artistic expression, all for the cause of elevating the communities around us. It is a journey taken together. You are now a part of the lineage of this family. And if you let it, it can be a transformative experience from the inside out.


Love and blessings always,

Goya Robles

Creator of Paint The Mic

President of Tan Boys Productions


About Paint The Mic

Paint the Mic is an artistic initiative between professional visual and performing artists who are masters of their craft. Poets, painters, and performers are paired together to work in collaboration to create original thought provoking pieces of art. The result is a red carpet event, where a night of compelling performances and an audience completely immersed in art, is followed by an unforgettable after party.


Originally created in 2007 by Goya Robles, Paint the Mic was born from a need to push the boundaries of expression of what we call the Artist. By giving poets and painters a platform to create original work, it has evolved to include various forms of artistic creation, all for the primary goal of raising money and resources for local philanthropic organizations whose mission is to serve our community.


This year, the Connection Exhibit has a projected attendance of 300+ people from every part of the entertainment industry. Paint The Mic will add another milestone to its rich history by giving the expression of artists a means to give back to the community, all while having a great time doing it!


2019 Paint The Mic Artists

Aponte Poro Headshot.png

Aponte Poro

Caridad De La Luz Headshot.png

Caridad De La Cruz

Dennis Febo Headshot.jpg

Dennis Febo


Emma Barrett-Robles


Goya Robles

Mayda Del Valle Headshot.JPG

Mayda Del Valle

Oveous Headshot.jpg


Marshall Davis Jones Headshot.jpeg

Marshall Davis Jones

Alyesha Headshot.jpg

Alyesha Wise




Creating Creators

Our Partnership

Creating Creators is an organization that bridges the gap between students, teachers and creative professionals, empowering teachers to help kids and young adults find their own unique voice through mediums such as scriptwriting, directing, acting and editing.  Their focus is to connect students to the learning process in a way that is meaningful to them.


Goya was invited to speak to a special group of young people by the Co-Founder and CEO, Jessica Just, and Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer, Polo Munoz.  After getting to

know these talented young men and women, and understanding the purpose he found from discovering his own voice through theater and film, Goya chose to collaborate with Jessica and Polo as a way to support their cause.


Your. donations this year will allow students participating in programs run by Creating Creators to continue developing their craft through scholarships that alleviate educational expenses, including but not limited to, tuition costs, equipment (sound equipment, editing software, etc.), traveling expenses and/or other miscellaneous costs associated with their artistry.


For more information about Creating Creators, please visit and see how they are impacting the community around us.


Be A Sponsor

Guilded Brushstrokes
The Paint
The Canvas
The Mic


Donations will be accepted and appreciated by all those who can not be in attendance at this years event.


The Production Team

Our PTM team is designed to make sure every person involved is committed to the ultimate vision of this soulful and artistic experience. We will take every action needed for your voice to reach and impact our fellow audience members.

Your unique voice will help us bring attention to a community in need.

We are forever grateful. We look forward to the magic that is now in play.


Goya Robles

Creator of PTM

Javier Headshot.jpg

Javier Molina

Director of Show

Maggie Cleary

Head of Production

Nikki Pesusich



Elif Sezgin

Graphic Designer

Vincent Headshot.jpg

Vincent Alvas

Web Development

Paint The Mic presented by Tan Boys Productions. For inquiries contact